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Antony Tudor is a titan of twentieth century ballet. His training and career began in London with Ballet Rambert where he created his early master works. In 1939 he was invited to become a founding choreographer and dancer with American Ballet Theatre where he maintained a nearly 50 year association. His choreographic exploration of emotional expression through movement changed classical ballet forever.

Tudor was one of the greatest choreographers of the twentieth century. In 1986 when Antony Tudor received the Capezio Award, Mikhail Baryshnikov Artistic Director of American Ballet Theatre said, “We do his ballets because we must. Tudor’s work is our conscience.”

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"A true teacher doesn't teach, he shows you how to learn." -Antony Tudor

The Trust

The Antony Tudor Ballet Trust is dedicated to preserving Antony Tudor's artistic genius and to sharing his master works through restagings and education so they may breathe with new life through future generations of dancers.
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