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Continuo is a non-programmatic "classical ballet... It is one long lyrical out-pouring. The movement flow never stops. The 'steps' should be linked with freedom and abandon." This quality of linkage characterizes Tudor's movement style and is often the most prominent feature noted by critics.

Continuo is one of three N.E.A. ballets (Sunflowers, Cereus, and Continuo) that provide rich sources for small companies and enable them to mount a Tudor work without the cost of expensive sets and intricate costumes.

Ballet Synopsis excerpted with permission from the Ballets of Antony Tudor by Judith Chazin-Bennahum.

Choreography: Antony Tudor.

Music / Composer: Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel.

U.S. Premiere: Private viewing New York. The Juilliard School. May 27th, 1971. The Juilliard Dance Ensemble.

Professional Premiere: Syracuse, NY, February 20th, 1976 Syracuse Ballet Theatre.

Professional Premiere Cast: Sirpa Jorassma (Salatino), Anthony Salatino, Deborah Weaver, Raymond Clay, Madeline Rhew, Black Brown.

French Premiere: Paris, Opera Comique, February 18th, 1985. Paris Opera Ballet, "Hommage a Antony Tudor".

Number of Dancers: 3 Women, 3 Men.

Costumes: Ballet Tucson; Ballet NY; Paris Opera; Paris Conservatory.

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