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Echoing of Trumpets


This ballet was created to the memory of the Czechoslovakian village of Lidice, which was destroyed in 1942 by Nazis who brutally attacked the inhabitants of a defenseless village. Tudor felt it could be any place, any time during a war.

Ballet Synopsis excerpted with permission from the Ballets of Antony Tudor by Judith Chazin-Bennahum.

Choreography: Antony Tudor.

Music / Composer: Fantaisies Symphoniques (Symphony no. 6), Bohuslav Martinu.

Original Title: Ekon av Trumpeter, Echoes of Trumpets.

First Performance: Stockholm. Royal Opera House. September 28th, 1963. Royal Swedish Ballet.

First Performance Cast: Gerd Andersson, Catherine Ericson, Viveka Ljung, Kerstin Lust, Hervor Sjostrand, Kari Sylwan, Annette Wiedersheim-Paul, Merio Mengarelli, Jacques De Lisle, Eki Eriksson, Ulf Gadd, Nills Johansson, Nisse Winqvist, Richard Wold, Svant Lindberg.

Scenery: Originals by Birger Bergling.

First New York Premiere: New York. Metropolitan Opera House. March 27th, 1966. Metropolitan Opera Ballet.

First ABT Premiere: East Lansing, Michigan. University Auditorium. November 15th, 1967.

Notated: Virginia Doris - 1990.

Number of Dancers: 3+4 Women, 2+6 Men.

Average Length: 25 minutes.

Costumes: Ballet West, Royal Swedish Ballet, English National Ballet, Asami Maki Ballet (Japan).

Scenery: Ballet West, Louisville Ballet, Royal Swedish Ballet, Asami Maki Ballet.

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