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The Leaves are Fading


The setting is a leafy glade in late summer. A woman enters and in a place obviously familiar to her, reflects on her happy memories of times past. Groups of young people appear and portray in her nostalgic thoughts in dance. The light of day darkens, the leaves are fading, and the woman departs with her memories reborn.

Ballet Synopsis excerpted with permission from the Ballets of Antony Tudor by Judith Chazin-Bennahum.

Choreography: Antony Tudor.

Music / Composer: From string quartet Cypresses and other chamber music for strings, Antonin Dvorak.

Professional Performance: New York State Theatre. July 17th, 1975.

Professional Performance Cast: Kim Highton, Marianna Tcherkassky, Amy Blaisdell, Nanette Glushak, Linda Kuchera, Kristine Elliot, Hilda Morales, Elizabeth Ashton, Christine O'Neill, Michael Owen, Raymond Serrano, Charles Ward, Richard Schafer, Clark Tippet, Gelsey Kirkland, Jonas Kage.

Notated: 1975 by Airi Hynninen (Labanotation).

Number of Dancers: 9 Women, 6 Men, 1 Walk-on.

Average Length: 32 minutes.

Costume Design: Patricia Zipprodt.

Set Design: Ming Cho Lee.

Lighting: Jennifer Tipton

Costumes / Scenery: ABT, Colorado Ballet, Festival Ballet of Rhode Island.

Scenery / Costumes: Hugh Laing.

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