The original program notes were too lengthy for Tudor's liking, thus ten years later, in 1956, the program notes shrank considerably to include just the following: The ballet concerns itself with the emotional development of a transgressor. The choreographic action depicts a series of related happenings, beginning with his babyhood when he is neglected by his mother. The frustrations engendered by this episode are heightened during his boyhood by his sordid experiences in the lower reaches of a large city, and only resolve themselves in his murder of a lascivious woman.



Title of the music: Commissioned score

Composer: William Schuman

Running time: 45 minutes

Number of dancers: 5+7 Women, 2+7 Men


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Roger Van Fleteren, Robert Wallace, Amanda McKerrow, Geoffrey Moore and Daniel Chait. Photo: Martha Swope/Courtesy American Ballet Theatre